Putting off Procrastination / by stephenherronold

Now that Gen Con is over, with Desolation: Journeys written and published and on sale, I find that I have very little excuse to put off other things.

With the intense bout of writing throughout May and June (and July) to get Journeys ready and to get a playtestable system for The Nearside Project, I'm left a bit blank and bewildered now. Nothing to do? 

Not even close. I've a few freelance projects that I've delayed until mid-August (which is, basically, now) and I have a clear run through the end of the year to only work on The Nearside Project.

Yes, I'm going to have to update my resume and start looking into a day job for when the KraftMaid stint ends in November, but I had been putting that off, as well.

Enough excuses. Time to write.