Mirrors / by stephenherronold

Over at Chuck Wendig's blog, Terrible Minds, he's discussing the most recent (and final, in many ways) book from White Wolf. World of Darkness: Mirrors is a collection of ideas. System hacks, setting concepts and random thoughts and musings from various White Wolf writers. And me.

It's funny to think that it's a fifteen year gap between my first material being published by White Wolf and this book. I'm kind of glad I got in under the wire, too. Although WW will publish more material in the future, it won't be like anything they've done in the last twenty years.

Still, ever onward, right?

Some of my material for Mirrors got cut, mostly due to word count. It was also because I maybe took on too big a subject. Science Fiction is a vast, galaxy-spanning Empire of a subject. I ran through it pretty quickly, writing about cyberpunk, near-future space travel and the high science fiction stuff, too (where technology is indistinguishable from magic). I think I did a decent job (and so does Chuck) but I agree with him that it was probably impossible to do Science Fiction justice in such a limited space.

There is a certain thirst for that material, however, so it may be that it gets published in some form or other, either as PDF that White Wolf releases, or even a free thing that I'll get permission to post here.

But I would love to see it expanded out further. I would enjoy working with some of the other writers I know and admire to really fill out a Science Ficiton vision of the World of Darkness.