Mythology / by stephenherronold

We sit together on the bus.
Just like we used to do.
Our usual stop is miles away.
This isn't really happening. 

Seven years since
We shared this bus home from school.
Profoundly impressed by you
Amazed by everything.

Five years since
We moved to different places.
Your name already sacred,
A part of my mythology. 

Two years since
We shared lunch by the Strule.
I don't think you ever knew
How much you meant to me. 

Now your grey eyes are sincere,
As the bus takes us home.
You lay an ephemeral hand
On my ephemeral arm and say,

just as I'm a part of you,
of who you are,
you're a part of me

and always will be

Your gaze holds mine,
Making sure I understand,
Making sure I remember your words
When I wake up.