Recognition / by stephenherronold

An accidental encounter
News from home
Streaming across
Three thousand miles of glass and metal.

A familiar voice surprises me.
I pull the window up.
A woman in her late thirties,
Talks ernestly.

It's been a decade and a half
She looks so different,  
I almost wonder if it's her.
But it's in her eyes, the tilt of her head
Her mouth, when she speaks
The cadence and accent are hers.

The years have been kind,
She looks good
More confident and assured.

Things forgotten
(not thought about in years)
Tumble through my mind.
All our little intimacies
Winter evenings
Spent keeping each other company
All the games we played.

The last time we saw each other,
One night in Belfast, in different company.
Silent recognition.

I wonder if she thinks about me,
If the years inbetween
Made hearts grow fonder
Or memories warmer.

I sincerely doubt it.